“Dual ECOsystems – EU Alliances for ICT” project is promoted by a consortium of 7 partners from 4 different EU countries.
The project partners, within the regional/statal Dual System in which they operate, have more or less informally created virtuous local “ecosystems” in the ICT sector to ensure effective
local cooperation between the VET actors involved in the delivery of Dual training programmes, for the success of all (student/worker, companies, VET institutions).
Such ecosystems normally involve:

  • VET institutions.
  • Companies, Chambers and companies’ representation bodies.
  • Workers’ associations / Trade Unions.
  • Universities.
  • Accreditation and Certification bodies.

The project starts from the premise that within the partnership the partners have identified some cases of apparent good practices, that are success factors in the different Dual
Systems of the countries involved, which guarantee the proper functioning of the ecosystems, in terms of: high quality of VET paths; raising the employability rate; effective work-based
learning system; efficient skills certification system.
“DUAL ECO” project will let partners observe and share good practices adopted in the 4 local “ecosystems”, confront together on them and evaluate which good practices have the
potentiality to be transferred at European level; then, the partners will conduct an experimentation on some selected good practices, importing them into their local ecosystems and
applying to existing VET Dual programmes, in order to evaluate the transferability of each good practice at a larger scale.